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Ice Cream and More

Discover a world of delight in our online shop, every click reveals a treasure trove of specially curated gifts along with the sweet indulgence of our handmade ice cream. Nestled in the digital aisle our collection is a celebration of uniqueness, blending the charm of thoughtful gifts with the joy of savouring delectable ice cream.

Picture this- a virtual boutique where each item is handpicked to evoke smiles and create memories. From bespoke jewellery to toys for children our selection is bound to spark joy no matter your age.

Then we come to the star of the show- our artisanal ice crem. Crafted with passion and the finest ingredients, each mouthful is a symphony of flavours. From classic vanilla through to our popular Chocolate Hazelnut (think that chocolate bar that rhymes with cinder!), our ice cream caters to every palate. The online shop offers you the convenience of bringing this frozen delight into your home, caravan or even tent as we offer in store pick up for you to skip the queues. Imagine surprising  loved one with a package that not only includes a charming gift but also the sheer indulgence of our ice cream!

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